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Hope Gangloff

holy shit these are beautiful

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If you stare too long at god’s cock,
he is going to piss in your eye.

That feel when you forget who you are

Craft Spells - Breaking The Angle Against The Tide


Craft Spells - Breaking The Angle Against The Tide




One time for my city, two times for you




One time for my city, two times for you

Lonely Hunting - Measures


Yeah. Don’t think it needs vocals.

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I puked three times once I walked out the door. Very little at first, more the second, and by the third I keeled over. They are messages written in the snow. Reminders for you, when you decide to leave. Bad things happen beyond that door. It’s best to stay in bed.

Today I woke up

And stared at the palm of my right hand

It was yellow

I went to the bathroom

And tried to wash it off

It wouldn’t

I went about my business

And it went away

The next morning I awoke

And there it was


A stain, from something I was touching that I shouldnt

Misery and pain exuding from my body

I have no idea what it is

But every day

It comes back

And it spreads

To my neck

My legs

My face

My back

Until one day I am yellow all over

I’m sick all inside

I’m miserable all the time

And I hurt


It’s not quite eloquent

To compare the alcohol I consume each night

To the pain and disgust and hate constantly brewing

but I’m not so eloquent these days

Every day I feel like I’m dying

I think that I’m dying

I should be dying

And I’m starting to get used to the idea

Welcome it even

It sounds refreshing

To do nothing

For eternity

But I’d sure miss the drink

You Rule My Dreams


Time gone

Living thrones

Healed through grief

Our bedridden woes.


I can’t bear silence,

A cross too warped to bear

I am no ones savior

Not even my own

Feel my freedom slipping through your greasy palms

And take it with a grain of salt

I was never free,

nor were you

we are just abstractions of one another’s poorly written monologues

fated to repeat our pitfalls.


Have A Nice Life - I Don’t  Love